HIROSHIMA book produced in 2005

The decision to explode two atomic bombs over a civil population will remain unanswered from the annals of history. Yet the consequences of August, 6th 1945 has demonstrated that for those who lost their lives in this act of war have since tamed the used of the device ever since.

At the residency in Japan I had anticipated visiting the city of Hiroshima for this very purpose. But financial restraints made it impossible. Although my fellow colleague Christina  did visit Hiroshima, I was grateful for the pencil rubbing she made from ruins and these  plates are  the focal point to the book project.


HIROSHIMA opened on the centre spread

With these etchings, I have incorporated in a handmade book called, “Hiroshima”.  Constructed in Japan and made with washi paper. The covers of the book were designed by Christina Linderberg and placed within the folds of the washi are the plates of the actual pencil rubbing.

Modified for the Hiroshima project, 2005, a stand using bamboo rods supports the book, and the centre spread includes printed graphic plates of Japan’s national symbol and a photograph of the atomic bomb, named little boy


Pencil rubbing from Buddhist  temple ruins,  Hiroshima, 2002

Minopaper Richard Bolai ©2008